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Naked Face Director Angela OBrien-McQuinlan is a specialist Surgical Cosmetic and Laser Nurse.

As a Senior Specialist Registered Nurse, Angela has been practising and specialising in Appearance Medicine treatments for over 16 years, while also working as a surgical nurse at Wakefield Private surgical hospital.

Angela has been involved with International appearance medicine conferences, attending and participating in Austria, California, San Francisco, Australia and London, so she brings a wealth of experience and the latest treatments and innovation back to New Zealand for her clients.


Her philosophy is to enhance and rejuvenate with the most natural, refreshing and youthful look, enabling women and men to have treatments at affordable prices. Angela endeavours to give every client the best advice and treatments available, along with a caring attitude for every individual situation and concerns.

Angela has an up to date practising certificate and has met Nursing Council standards when audited for the safety of practice.

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